Welcome to Long Term Software

Welcome to Long Term Software

About Us

The Long Term Value

We specialize in making software inexpensive over the long term

Long Term Software Events

Miranda will be available on 9/30/2017

In the mean time Miranda is available at https://github.com/ltsllc-consulting/miranda

What We Offer

When you need someone who specialises in installing or customizing Miranda or you just need a Java expert we are here! 


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Additional Information

Upcoming Talks

  • 2/28/2018  Regis PMI South Roundtable 

The Long Term Vision

Most software engineering fads focus on the design of a system.  While this is important, Long Term Software LLC makes the maintenance of the system as inexpensive as possible, easily matching the benefits that any design can give with far less time and effort.


Miranda is at https://miranda-messaging.com

Tired of responding to Pagerduty?  Try Mianda!


clipc is the com.ltsllc IPC library.  It brings native IPC to Java; including shared memory, semaphores, and named queues.